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professors never gave me a chance, but I can give myself one.

12:46AM, I am finishing up for the night, tired after a long, busy day of work, school, meetings, applications and more. Standing in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, I had enough of the day and just wanted to go to bed without my entire face routine. I found my mind telling myself over and over again “I can’t do it”, “There’s no way I keep up with my face routine today”, “Alexis you’re too tired.” This felt like the first time that I’ve ever caught myself discouraging myself from doing the good thing, the right thing, to keep going.


I really thought Gatsby would be self explanatory

So I thought Gatsby would be easy after learning React, only to find out there are so so many new components to this framework. So to go alongside my React Cheatsheet, I thought it would also be useful to keep track of one for Gatsby.


If you started Gatsby with the most basic starter, you will likely see a new js file called SEO.js. Seeing that for the first time, I was very confused, but it really is just a helpful that helps you get found. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. …

Updated every so often for code that I come across

React is confusing, especially for someone who has never touched Javascript before. As I am going through my personal journey on learning/mastering this language, I thought it would be nice to have this Glossary to share with everyone.

Disclaimer: I am did not develop this language in any way shape or form and I am simply explaining what everything is to the best of my knowledge. Just like you, I am also learning.


  • Called at the end of every render()
  • A good place to load in data, and call setState() to re-render the page with the new information

arrowFunction = ( ) =>”hello”

  • Not necessarily…

I wish things didn’t end up the way they did…

If you’re reading this, I would like to say sorry.

What happened between us comes to mind every single time I am home, close by where everything all began. I remember the day that we hung out in March two years ago, where I was being a whiny little bitch about my shoes. You showed me places that mattered to your soul and told me things close to your heart. That day was special, yet the superficialness in me played devil’s advocate and told me that it could never be. …


I am nowhere close to being the perfect human being, and more than I’d like to admit, I hate admitting my own flaws.

Here Goes Nothing…

  1. I am P I C K Y: I will only be happy with certain setups, and will refuse to do thing because I don’t have the *best* equipment laying around. I will avoid doing things that aren’t convenient and avoid tasks because I get scared. I will use these things as excuses of why I can’t when really it’s just because I won’t.
  2. I judge too much: I might know nothing about a person, but believe everything…


If you’re reading this, you’ll probably think “Alexis, you’re so silly, how can you possibly quantify the number of clouds in the sky?”

But it’s true, and it’s possible. Just enough for me to stare at while lying down on the precious patch of grass I found today in my neighborhood. Living in a construction field has been hard, and being in Canada makes it even harder. The constant unpredictable weather makes me miss California more and more every day. I want to go back, but before I can do that, I want to be confident.

Toronto Weather
Toronto for the next 5 days

Today I found out who Andrew Ng is

I am shook that such a human being can exist. Someone who is so successful, so incredible, and constantly moving in a direction that propels human innovation. I know that one should not have to be inspired in order to do anything, but I truly do feel inspired. Reading this Huffpost article, I am amazed at how he thinks and how he approaches life and learning. I have been doing it all wrong.


Reading — I don’t know why, but for some reason, it never has been in my mind that this is something important, until recently. I know I…

I really want to double major. I know it’s just a dumb title and regardless of whether or not I can get it, I’m still going to take all the classes, and learn the same thing, but I feel so dumb that my past decisions on how I viewed grades is going to impact anything at all. Ever since going to Berkeley, it feels like I haven’t been myself. I never really figured out why, but when I think back to it, I really haven’t been the same in how I treat homework and my studies since the end of…

For my entire life, I have never found anything that I can say that I LOVE, but maybe today is the day. I have been interested in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence type stuff for a while, and I never had the courage to pursue it, because it all looks so complex. For a girl who grew up with supernatural creatures and magical powers, I don’t think there is anything that I would want more than to create something like that myself. Seeing the world of autonomous driving, where I have the opportunity to put these powers into the cars…

SO much can happen in one year

Today is the last day of me being 18 and well, 2018 was kind of a crazy ride.

VEX Provincials

The OG team that literally worked every single day of winter break and exam week for our robot.

February 10th, 2018

This was the day that we made it, because after all that we have been through over the past year, it finally paid off. Time after time, we watch other teams progress on with robots of mindblowing functionality, and for once, we are to be seen at the same level. This is an achievement that I will always remember through the countless number of nylock screws and shaft collars that we have had to deal with. …

Alexis Wei

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