Gatsby Cheatsheet

I really thought Gatsby would be self explanatory

So I thought Gatsby would be easy after learning React, only to find out there are so so many new components to this framework. So to go alongside my React Cheatsheet, I thought it would also be useful to keep track of one for Gatsby.


If you started Gatsby with the most basic starter, you will likely see a new js file called SEO.js. Seeing that for the first time, I was very confused, but it really is just a helpful that helps you get found. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. So far I haven’t really had to do anything with this file other than changing the title, but it’s a cool new thing to see!


This really is just another prebuilt React Component that helps you edit the content of your header. You would use this to change the favicon and title!

To be continued…

Last Updated May 22nd, 2020

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